9 comments on “Legs, Panties, Kaichou

  1. I should do this properly, because the credit page was not in the gallery at g-ehentai. So thank you Poke2201, Pack and Shadow42085.

  2. Sweet :3

    Thank you ! ^^

    If I may ask, what are you recruiting, translators, editors ? (Sorry if it’s written in your release, I have yet to read it !)

  3. The only problem I have with your translation is that you mistranslated what she was wearing in the speech balloons. Those aren’t stockings since stockings don’t cover up to the waist. Even if the artist uses the word ストッキング it doesn’t always mean stockings. The Japanese have a very bad habit of doing that.

  4. Its leggings or pantyhose really. But I don’t think we were worried about that as much as actually making the guy sound half sane.

    • Well, my compatriots and I have been striving to correct this manner of naming for a good while (Hell, I even created the パンスト越しのパンツ tag on Pixiv in order to combat the use of ストッキング越しのパンツ that people were using to describe pantyhose over panties). I give people the danbooru definitions of what to describe legwear (I am also RiderFan on there as well).

      Overall a good translation except for that one line. Thanks for actually taking the time to respond to me :)!

      • >good translation except for that one line
        I’m sorry, what? There were four mistranslated lines on page 42 alone.

      • Please do. I’m not the godly “I know everything” japanese translator, so I dunno what we did wrong. And from your tone, apparently you think at least HALF of it is mistranslated.

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