15 comments on “Maru Kajiri Chapter 1 by Nico Pun Nise

  1. thank you so much! I have been waiting forever for somebody to translate this one, i cant wait to see the next chapter, i hope you’ll do one of the other books that have yet to be translated as well when your done with this one by nico pun nise.

  2. Shadow42085 here I am the editor of this one and I wanted to do a nico pun nise’s work because I liked his others like Purimu No Nikki. The Chart Of Peak and others so thanks for the comment polerbear1 and ShiroYasha the NTR started in this chapter if you read it right but I might be wrong if so then sorry tagging is still new to me as a person trying to make sure I got all the tags ok
    I’M OUT

  3. i wonder when the next chapter will be released or is this going to be an all at once translation release or is this going to take a year to do cause im a big nico pun nise fan

    • polerbear1 hey I am the editor for this one I am also doing another one but we are in a phase that will make everyone happy so it will be a monster Release so just give us time and with Real Life BS happening all the time we try to make time work on our projects
      Head Editor Lunatic Translations

      P.S I am huge fan nico pun nise works as well so doing this one made my day

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