5 comments on “Mediafire.

  1. Strange. I have never had difficulties downloading from Mediafire.
    Anyway, if things are resulting that way, perhaps it would be better to migrate to Fileserve or even 4shared. I cannot remember of anyone complaining on them. The most important is that your files are accessible from Fakku.

  2. 4shared makes people register before they’re able to download.
    You could try minus.com, jumbofiles, ddlani.me, box.net, dropbox, fileden, zShare, or ADrive. All of these have problems/limitations though (when used for free); I don’t know anything that replaces Mediafire yet…

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. We’ll probably wind up going with Deposit Files, no matter how much I hate them; they’re the simplest and I like the control elements they give us for our files.

    We’ll still be uploading to mediafire, until they delete our account or just slowly kill all our files.

    The last option is Fakku / exhentai / Google.

    That’s pretty much everything I can report right now. I’d like to hear you’re opinions on deposit files though. (No, we’re not selling out to them.)

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