13 comments on “Angel’s Marshmallow’s Chapter 16

  1. A word of advice: Leveling would have done this chapter some good. Would have taken care of that faded out gray look the pictures have, especially in the black areas where it’s most obvious. So you may want to look into trying that out next time.

    • I didn’t use leveling for style reasons.
      On a similar note: Most of the large sound effect kana with the exception of panel 4 on page 153 and panel 1 on page 155 were removed. I apologize for the inconsistency but those would have very tough to remove with a mouse.

  2. you have my gratitude for working on this. although i’d share similar sentiments with afro, as the quality felt somewhat below par to the usual fayt’s quality. there is always room for improvements, so do your best!

  3. OMG, yesterday I started a re-read of the series on FAKKU and now Iam delighted to see that someone picked it up again.

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