10 comments on “Angel’s Marshmallow’s Chapter 21

  1. Thank you for the translation. I have a question regarding your translation of chapter 20 though. It appears that you forgot one of the pages for that chapter. Do you plan on translating and adding that page to your chapter 20 translation in the future?

  2. The missing page is the one between 064.jpg (from Angel’s Marshmallow’s Ch19.rar) and 066.jpg (from Angel’s Marshmallow’s ch20.rar).
    The missing page has a horizontal oval with “第20話” on the upper-right panel, which also includes an upward-looking shot of a building. Vending machines are shown in the bottom panel.

    • Yeah that’s the page to which I’m referring. It’s actually the 1st page of Chapter 20. I don’t pretend to understand Japanese, but it looks like Pokey is talking with one of his colleagues about something on this page.

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