Contact Us

If there’s anything you need to contact us for, dont hesitate to email us at:

Now if you are requesting:

  • You must have the Raw. We do have our own projects and its easier for all of us if you have the raw.
  • The request does not have the following: Scat, Guro, Futa, and Yaoi.
  • Please note that we may turn you down due to circumstances.
  • If you are accepted, then please wait patiently, we are juggling real life along with this stuff, please understand that.

Thanks for following the rules.

10 comments on “Contact Us

    • thanks for the request, will add this on my pending list… But will discontinue TLing this one should an Eng translation be released before we do

  1. Hello could you plz reupload a download link for [Naruko] Innocent+ManEater [English] (Complete) Lunatic Translations mediafire link are dead


  2. new here… and greatly appreciate the work that you and other groups do……but the links from angels 22 & 20 lead to a broken looking site that has no way i could see to be a guest or registered user and the only link was in the advert for thier gold service…………….as to your file sharing problem…what about bit torrent?

  3. Hey, if you guys are still there, I have the raw for An Angel’s Marshmallows Vol. 4 if you’re looking for it. If you already have it and are just busy then I can understand that. I just want you guys to know that I enjoy the series and am grateful for the work you’ve done. I’ll wait patiently for the translation if you have it and if you don’t I can send it over if you need me too. Thanks. I’ll be waiting for a reply.

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