6 comments on “Second Stint In the Asylum.

  1. I love Ayase ❤ any reason why it's only 1200px by the way?

    In any case I thank you for the translation

    • I haven’t actually really thought about it. I have png files that go 1300×2100 pixels. I just made the smaller versions for initial release, then when fakku and exhentai get that version, maybe ill put up the bigger. It is quite large at 2.5MB a pic though.

      • Then Sheeet, I better pump out the lossless .png in the full! (Except for a few files I have to redo from scratch. Shouldnt take forever.)

  2. Wow, a revival! Yay!

    Meh, wouldn’t mind being in an asylum with Ayase, though there would only be only left living in short order. Thems the breaks.

    Thanks & maybe you’ll be able to wack down that uppity school in time! Someday…. Perhaps….

    Looking forward to the next releases~

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